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Disk not spinning?

I have a IS-PDVD10 portable dvd player and lately whenever I try to put any disk in, it makes noises as if it's trying to spin (churnning, ect.) but if you open it, the disk isn't spinning at all.


I can spin it manually, so it's not stuck or anything, but it wont read any disk.


Any ideas? 

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Re: Disk not spinning?

Hi MarblesTheMoose:


Name's Matias

To me, it sounds like one of the leashes which make the dvd spin inside the dvd player has either got lose or broken.

All you have to do is to open the product(or have someone do it for you) and replace the leash and maybe take a look at why it broke or got lose


Best regard


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Re: Disk not spinning?

Hello MarblesTheMoose,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

While Matias has offered a diagnosis of your player, it is not recommended that you open it.  Apart from the safety risks, if your product is covered by factory warranty, opening the player will void it.  I would recommend visiting the store of purchase with the player to seek service.  I hope this helps.

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