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Problems with NS-P7DVD15

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I own one of your products, an NS-P7DVD15, 7" Portable DVD Player with the swivel screen.  I bought it on eBay and not directly from you so you are under no obligation.  However, I have owned several players from other companies and have personally been in both digital and physical design for many years.
The reason I am writing is that I have found this device almost unbearably difficult to use.  Not only is it designed badly but it doesn’t function in any way described. 
The entire faceplate is black.  Not even the letters are in a contrasting color.  It is virtually impossible to tell where to press.  I had to cut off pieces of white labels and stick them where the forward, backward and play buttons are.
The lack of a remote is a penny-wise pound-foolish approach.  A remote would have provided one press access to functions  which now must be done with multiple presses.   Functions like the index, aspect ratio, subtitles, zoom, repeat and audio tracks must be performed by activating a sub-menu, moving around it and then pressing a button.  This requires using at least three of the buttons on the machine face.
All of this would be bad enough if the buttons even worked properly, which they don’t.  I use two types of DVDs, those I recorded myself which have the different movies listed vertically, and professional DVDs with different functions like “Play”, “Choose Episode” and others.   To choose one of the functions on a DVD you have to use the “Navigation Control” to highlight one function.  Then you press the “OK” button, which almost always sends you to the wrong place. 
For example, on my personally recorded discs I try to play the first movie by pressing “OK” only to find myself at the DVD menu above the first movie. I press “down” and “OK” and I am back up there.  This can take ten tries to get the OK button to choose the movie.  I eventually turned off the “Memory” feature since starting over brought me to the wrong place, again.
With the professional DVDs it can be even worse since there are more functions and they are laid out differently.
After doing this over and over I sometimes find myself at a blue screen with the words “Press Play to continue”.  When this happens I generally turn off the power button and start over because you can press the “Play” button until your fingers bleed and it doesn’t help.
When watching a movie and I decide to pause I have to press the Play button repeatedly to pause.  When I press the FF side of the button it sometimes jumps to the next chapter, and vice versa.
Another design problem is the “Open Door” button.  It may disengage the door, but it doesn’t open and I have to slip a fingernail or something else under the door to lift it open.
All in all I regret choosing your device and find it hard to believe these problems were not solved during the design and testing phases.

Marc {removed per forum guidelines}