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Samsung Blu-Ray Activation Code & streaming problems

We have a fairly new Samsung BD-1590 Blu-Ray DVD player and want to use it to download/stream Netflix movies.  We've opened an account in Netflix and they want the Activation Code, which I presume comes from the DVD player.

I've connected the DVD player to my router and we have a connection (the connection test was successful).

It connects to the TV via an HDMI cable and that works.

When I select Netflix using the Samsung remote, I can select a Free Trail and then it show two options :

      I now have a Netflix account


So I select the first option, it says "retrieving Activation Code" and then stops.  I get an error message that says :

"This device cannot instantly stream from Netflix in your area.  Visit to see a full list of devices that instantly stream from Netflix"  This is just a showcase for DVD players of all makes and models.  I don't want to buy another Blu-Ray.

(1) Has anyone else had this problem?

(2) Why would Netflix be available on the Blu-Ray DVD and the remote if it's not available?

(3) Where would I find the Activation Code on the Blu-Ray DVD?  There's a bunch of codes and numbers found under Menu//Setup/System but I think these are Router/ISP codes, etc.

     There's an S/W Bev2........,

                        Loader : LDv1 . ...........

                        Region : A/1 BD/DVD

                        ESN : SSBDBB....................

We're waiting for a new Samsung "Smart TV" which may give us direct connection to Netflix but I'm not sure.  I'd just like to watch a Netflix movie on our present HD TV  but now watching on a 15" compute rscreen.


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Re: Samsung Blu-Ray Activation Code & streaming problems

Hello raydio,

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I recommend contacting Samsung directly at 800-726-7864 to discuss solutions for your Blu-ray player.

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