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NS-NAV01 firmware suggestions.

Hi, I see insignia folks read these messages.  I don't know if it matter for you, or if these features are on any of the other GPS models, but from a user or the NS-NAV-01 I have some suggestions.


These could be accomplished in a firmware update:


-Show MPH.

-Be able to search "Go To" by Lat Long.

-Be able to save "current location" (Lat Long) to favorites.


I wonder if anyone is hacking the firmware to do any of these things.  So much more could be done too.  Change the background or car to a user picked one.



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Re: NS-NAV01 firmware suggestions.

I would also like to add a suggestion for a feature to save settings like Time...

Everytime I turn mine off and on, the time always says 12:00 p.m. There is no point in the time setting if you can't even set the right time.