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Flex 8 KitKat Source Code

According to some of you, KitKat is completed for the old flex 8. I simply wanted to know if you would please do me the favor of providing me with the source code and any other files that would asist me in development for this tablet. A .zip update file for KitKat would be much appreciated as well. Everything and anything will be much appreciated. I really do need everything to begin my venture into development. Thank you sincerely!
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Re: Flex 8 KitKat Source Code

Hello Juan,

In order to submit the open source code request, I will need to get a bit of information. Because it's not suitable for a public forum, I will PM you for the necessary info.

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Re: Flex 8 KitKat Source Code

Hello. I would also be interested in the KitKat sourcecode for the 7 inch variant of the Flex(NS-15AT07). Thank you.
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Re: Flex 8 KitKat Source Code

Hello connoiter,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!

I have sent you a PM requesting the necessary info to get that sent out. Please respond to the private message with the info requested. 

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Re: Flex 8 KitKat Source Code

HI: RyanR-INSG How can I get the Source Code for my NS-P10A7100 Tablet?   And possible Instruction on how to root this tablet. Thanks for any help you can give me. Danvidman