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Re: How do I ROOT my INSIGNIA NS-P10A7100 10.1 Tablet just bumping to top

HI: @ JON_INSG, JUAN_INSG, SHAN_INSG, RYANR_INSG All Insignia reps why do you ignor us that own the Insignia NS-P10A7100 TABLETS!!! I asked for the source code for this Tablet in Another post on this forum but still am Ignored !! How do I, Go to, to get the SOURCE CODE from this tablet. so I can ROOT this tablet ? WHAT is Insignia Afraid of for those of us who want to update or ROOT this tablet !! All I am using my Tablet for now is a very Expensive READER to read E-books from KINDLE.  Am Having an on, off problem with the update of the Kindle reader fom the Play-Store.  After the update then It takes several days of turning off and restarting my Tablet to be able to get the Kindle Reader to finaly stay on and not turn off in middle of reading what ever book I am reading at that time.  A couple of times I have had to uninstall, reinstall the Kindle reading app. I think a lot of the problems would be solved if we could update the Kernal to the latest Android APP and let us ROOT so we are able to use some of the repair ROOT APPS from the Play-Store.  Well thanks for listening to my rant about all that is wrong with this Insignia Model Tablet.