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Re: Insignia - 10.1" - Tablet - 32GB will it be upgradable to Nougat android 7 when released?

The tablet's apparently unlocked ROMwise, so although the Intel X3 in the 10.1" tablet could be set by Insignia to follow Intel's Secure Boot to-do, they wisely didn't; and it's as simple as rooting and getting some partition images onto a microSD memory card on the tablet and flashing them over. KingRoot works for rooting (see for install download and to-do) and Android 5...7.x.x builds for Intel Architecture 64bit (so...not ARM or ARM7 or ARM64) or even OpenBoot can be chosen from.


That is, you're hardly limited to Android builds even if there's no Mobile Windows 10 for it (but you would want a flash-memory aware embedded kernel image build, and RemixOS seems to be one.)



Grab architecture-compatible LineageOS ( (or other Open Android builds, now that CyanogenMod is no more, as such) plus certainly GApps ( ) which give you and the usual Google suite of apps (Play, Notes, Gmail, maybe Hangouts etc.) to start building from.


There are good instructions at for general method and for a particular path to a maintained OS.