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Insignia Best Buy 12.6 laptop issues after installation of WIN 10 updates Ns-p11w7100/ Ns-p11w6100

Hello All , I have 2 of the Insignia's Flex laptops that were working perfectly in everyway .

Windows 10 Updating issues with the Insignia NS-P11W7100.

Then Microsoft updated  WIn 10 this last month , when the Insignia P11W7100 updated all of a sudden I had :

1. No WIFI Internet connection!

2. The SPeaker Icon in the lower right bar had a X through the SPeaker!


At this pint in time I tried updating WIN 10 a few times thinking that maybe Microsoft installed the wrong drivers for the ATOM processor? 

I use WIFI to connect ot the Internet, so I saw other folks were having the same issue and their fix was to install old Insignaia drivers, so I found the WIFI drivers on line and reinstalled them and got the WIFI to work again!

However I still did not have any sound. So I thought I would wait a week or so to see if Microsoft would correct the Sound Issue.

Nope after a week the updates indicated I was up to date!

So since I was successful updating the WIFI I would try finding the SOUND Drivers. I found the old orignal drivers for the P11W7100 and after the new drivers were insalled the SPEAKER Icon no longer had an X and I thought I had fixed my SOUND issue!

All the drivers in Device manger looked happy!

Then I tested the sound using a YOUTUBE free movie. The speakers started to SCREECH and the sound eminating from the Insignia was very distorted! SO I am pretty sure the spekers are gone! Keep in mind they worked perfectly before the WIN 10 update.

Here is my present Dvice manager:

Microphone Intel SST audio driver (WDM)....  Driver 3/1/17 10.0.15063.0

Speaker (Intel SST Audio Device (WDM) .... Driver 3/17/2017 10.0.15063.0


Sound ,video, game controllers .

Intell SST Audio Device (WDM) ......Driver 8/9/2015 ..604.10135.2747.5232

Nuvoton SST Nau88L24 COdec Device....Driver  5/16/2016...

Help this info will help some with the same issues and maybe find a resolution to WIN 10 Updates with this Intel ATOM processor Z8300 CPU 1.44GHz.

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Re: Insignia Best Buy 12.6 laptop issues after installation of WIN 10 updates Ns-p11w7100/ Ns-p11w61

Those are probably the drivers I seek for my 11.6 Flex tablet that has the same problem.  I was able to correct the internet connection problem but still have an issue with the sound.  I currnetly have a soundcard dongle connected to my usb for sound but would like to fix the unit!  Where can I get the SST and Nuvoton files?

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Re: Insignia Best Buy 12.6 laptop issues after installation of WIN 10 updates Ns-p11w7100/ Ns-p11w61

It seems like Windows updates have a tendency to kill the WiFi driver if it hasn't been updated on both this year's model and last year's model.  I updated to the Creator's Edition.  Everything seems to work except the WiFi.

I have an external USB WiFi adapter so I stuck it on there and tried something for the wifi...and it worked.


So here's the solution that I recommend everyone run before running Windows updates (or if they have already run it and have access to an external USB WiFi adapter, plug it in and do thisSmiley Happy

Open the Control Panel, go to Device Manager, and look for your wireless driver, which should be under "Network Adapters" and be called Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165
Double click.
Look for the "Driver" tab and it should say the following:
Driver Provider: Intel
Driver Date: 3/28/2017 (or more recent)
Driver Version: (or more recent)
If the driver date is older and the version lower, hit "update driver" and choose "Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software." This should update your driver to version This version WILL work in Windows 10 Creator Edition.
It was as easy as that.  If you have a little technical expertise, updating drivers might help with any other components that stop working as well.
Hopefully this will help some people who are trying to finda solution.  There may be other ways to update the WiFi driver, but this was the easiest and got me going again (also makes me glad I "wasted" money a few years back on a cheapie Belkin WiFi adapter, saved me hours of trying to go back to factory defaults and install everything again.)
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Re: Insignia Best Buy 12.6 laptop issues after installation of WIN 10 updates Ns-p11w7100/ Ns-p11w61

The sad part is this will happen each time you get a new windows 10 build or chose to refresh the current installation, since insignia doesn't provide a proper driver package you'll have to depend on the user who have found working alternatives.