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Insignia Best Buy 12.6 laptop issues after installation of WIN 10 updates Ns-p11w7100/ Ns-p11w6100

Hello All , I have 2 of the Insignia's Flex laptops that were working perfectly in everyway .

Windows 10 Updating issues with the Insignia NS-P11W7100.

Then Microsoft updated  WIn 10 this last month , when the Insignia P11W7100 updated all of a sudden I had :

1. No WIFI Internet connection!

2. The SPeaker Icon in the lower right bar had a X through the SPeaker!


At this pint in time I tried updating WIN 10 a few times thinking that maybe Microsoft installed the wrong drivers for the ATOM processor? 

I use WIFI to connect ot the Internet, so I saw other folks were having the same issue and their fix was to install old Insignaia drivers, so I found the WIFI drivers on line and reinstalled them and got the WIFI to work again!

However I still did not have any sound. So I thought I would wait a week or so to see if Microsoft would correct the Sound Issue.

Nope after a week the updates indicated I was up to date!

So since I was successful updating the WIFI I would try finding the SOUND Drivers. I found the old orignal drivers for the P11W7100 and after the new drivers were insalled the SPEAKER Icon no longer had an X and I thought I had fixed my SOUND issue!

All the drivers in Device manger looked happy!

Then I tested the sound using a YOUTUBE free movie. The speakers started to SCREECH and the sound eminating from the Insignia was very distorted! SO I am pretty sure the spekers are gone! Keep in mind they worked perfectly before the WIN 10 update.

Here is my present Dvice manager:

Microphone Intel SST audio driver (WDM)....  Driver 3/1/17 10.0.15063.0

Speaker (Intel SST Audio Device (WDM) .... Driver 3/17/2017 10.0.15063.0


Sound ,video, game controllers .

Intell SST Audio Device (WDM) ......Driver 8/9/2015 ..604.10135.2747.5232

Nuvoton SST Nau88L24 COdec Device....Driver  5/16/2016...

Help this info will help some with the same issues and maybe find a resolution to WIN 10 Updates with this Intel ATOM processor Z8300 CPU 1.44GHz.

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Re: Insignia Best Buy 12.6 laptop issues after installation of WIN 10 updates Ns-p11w7100/ Ns-p11w61

Those are probably the drivers I seek for my 11.6 Flex tablet that has the same problem.  I was able to correct the internet connection problem but still have an issue with the sound.  I currnetly have a soundcard dongle connected to my usb for sound but would like to fix the unit!  Where can I get the SST and Nuvoton files?