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Insignia Flex 8 model NS-P08A7100 will not run external USB camera via OTG cable

Hello.  I just purchased this insignia flex 8 about a week ago and the few apps I have loaded work splendidly.  I'm very pleased with the table.


However, I have a couple of USB "endoscopic cameras" that should work via the OTG cable adapter and regardless of the apps I try, I am unable to "see the image" from the camera.  The tablet appears to recognize the camera is attached, recognizes the model of the camera, lights up the "scope lamps" on the camera, but it just doesn't generate an image.


These same cameras work just fine on my PC and the work just fine on a friend's Android.  The OTG adapter cable has also been used on other devices successfully and I've tried two different OTG cables.


Are the OTG features just not supported on this tablet?  On a different forum post, the community staff noted that OTG was indeed part of the specification. 


Thanks for your help.