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My Flex won't turn on.

No there is no battery indicator. 

Yes I have hit the reset button.


I hold power button and all I get is 2 thuds and nothing happens. 


It has been charging over 2 hours

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Re: My Flex won't turn on.

Hello tylerbull1,

Sorry for the delay in my response, is this issue still occuring? If so, when you used the reset button was the tablet plugged into the charger?

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Re: My Flex won't turn on.

Hello tylerbull1,


     There is a small number of Flex Tablets that will discharge to a level where the microcontroller that governs the charging circuit will not turn on limiting the device to a trickle charge.  If after 8 hours of trickle charge and then hitting the reset button for 5 seconds while plugged in your device still does not turn on you will probably have to return the device.

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Re: My Flex won't turn on.

I had about the same problem.... mine froze on me (screen on), so i let it sit. hopefully draining the battery. i looked at it at a later time (screen was off). so i thought it was dead. and quite literally just now it turned on, battery indicator looks dead, but its on. so idk what happened.