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My Insignia Flex 10 Tablet is seriously trying my nerves.

My dad had just bought me this tablet BRAND NEW, after returning a hand-me-down Insignia because the old Insignia was stuck on "Google Recovery", like as if anyone can recover it besides the person who previously owned it.


Anyways, it was bought on Friday, July 7th, 2017, and from the first day it came out of it's box, it was trash. I mean come on. How does a tablet lag before you even put anything on it, or do anything on it? And the internet connection? Don't even get me started with it. The wifi was my FIRST problem. I could not get the tablet to remain connected to the home wifi. All it did was connect, then disconnect after a couple minutes, which was so dumb. After looking through the forums, someone made a nice suggesstion, which fixed the problem. But EVERYTIME I want to connect to a new wifi (E.g., I connect to the home wifi, but I also want the tablet to recognize my phone hotspot), I have to reset the network! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And that is so ridiculous!


I downloaded a couple apps right? What can go wrong? The tablet freezes. It freezes SO MUCH. And then it has problems unfreezing. And then it lags, and then the lags get worse, to the point that I have to sit there and wait for a while until it comes back to it's senses. I'm thinking that it's my apps that are uncompatible. No! It's the tablet that is uncompatible!


And honestly, I really do like the tablet. I enjoy it's size, and what it has. But what is the whole point of selling, let alone CREATING this machine, if it's filled with so much flaws? No one is perfect, and so machines will not be perfect. But other tablets like, Apple's (although I'm not a fan of Apple really), iPads work much better than this. Come on. What am I supposed to do with it?


I don't mean to sound harsh or rude, but I'm just really fed up right now. It hans't even been a week. A month, or a YEAR!


It's vexing!

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Re: My Insignia Flex 10 Tablet is seriously trying my nerves.

Oh, and now that I'm using it. The wifi is still trash. "Connecteing...Saved."


Why is it not connected? *Tries again.*




Lol.  Is this some kind of joke? How many times are we gonna go through this, tablet?!


But yeah, the wifi settings just doesn't understand that when I'm trying to connected to an ALREADY SAVED WIFI, it does not me to SAVE AGAIN! Sheesh, I really don't understand why Insignia even bother selling 

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Re: My Insignia Flex 10 Tablet is seriously trying my nerves.

There's something seriously wrong with your unit.  I've had mine for 6 monthes or so and while it's not the most snappy device (atom processor) and it does frustrate me at times, it is usable and doesn't have any of the problems you're having.  Maybe a reset is in order - which doesn't make much sense with it being new.  Which version of Windows are you on (8,10 anniversary edition, creators update)? Any chance of taking it back for exchange?

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Re: My Insignia Flex 10 Tablet is seriously trying my nerves.

I feel you man, this tablet is horrible. Constant lagging and taking forever to load a page or download an app. This company should be ashamed to sell such garbage. Spent 50 bucks and this thing is absolutely worthless. At least I will never spend another dime on their products.