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Problemw ith HDMI to VGA Adapter (NS-PG95503)

I put in a PNY Geforce GT 1030 video card in my computer. I then plugged in the HDMI to VGA Adapter's HDMI end to the video card, a Micro USB cable to a USB port, and, finally, the VGA cable to the Adapter's vGA end, and, of course, the other end of the VGA cable to the monitor. My computer system is a Dell Core Duo with Windows 10 Pro installed. 


The problem is that everything is in tight but the monitor keeps displaying Signal Cable Not Detected. What do you all think is the problem?

The only thing that I think maybe the problem is that the Micro USB cable I'm using is the one I normally use for my GPS that I plug into my laptop to update my GPS.



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Re: Problemw ith HDMI to VGA Adapter (NS-PG95503)

Hello Stephen0118,


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You will probably need to adjust your computer's video output to a resolution compatible with your monitor. If you require assistance, I would recommend contacting your computer manufacturer.




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