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Replacement for Insignia Wireless Mouse

Hello! I recently bought an Insignia Wireless Mouse at Best Buy but I lost the USB receiver for it. I need a replacement because I don't feel like getting a whole new mouse so I was wondering if anyone had an idea where I could find a replacement for it or what I can do to get a replacement. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Replacement for Insignia Wireless Mouse

Hello BatFreakingMan,

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Wireless mouses come paired to one USB dongle from the factory. They cannot be paired to any other USB dongle. Unfortunately, If the original dongle has been misplaced there is not a replacement that will work with it. 

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Re: Replacement for Insignia Wireless Mouse

Just a follow-up question;

If we still have the USB nub, but it's stopped working, is it possible to repair or send in for replacement?

Would be a shame if these devices are so disposably engineered...