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Ubuntu Linux on NS-P1W7100

I thought I would share my attempt to install Ubuntu 17.04 on this tablet



What is working:


Dual Booting

Sound support






Not Working:


Touch Screen - Working on this at present

SD Card

Power Monitoring

Internal Speakers


Not Tested:






If anybody else is interested in running linux on this and would like to help I will detail my procedure for them otherwise Yes this tablet can run linux with some limitations





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Re: Ubuntu Linux on NS-P1W7100

I'm interested in this. I'm pretty handy with Linux, just haven't started looking at how to get it started on this device. I'd love to have some basic guidance. 

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Re: Ubuntu Linux on NS-P1W7100

apologies for the necropost but how might i ask did you boot to a linux drive? i cannot get this to boot from usb at all no matter what. have disabled secure boot entirely, fastboot is off as is quiet. boot order is set to boot from usb dive. doesnt matter which drive i use or what distro since as soon as the pc restarts it seems to be resetting the bios to boot from windows as soon as i choose "save and restart" from the exit menu. am i just missing something simple? please let me know.

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Re: Ubuntu Linux on NS-P1W7100

For some strange reason it was decided to make a 64-bit computer with a 32-bit firmware,  you need the 32 bit efi files.

If you are installing ubuntu download the64 bit version, inject the 32 bit efi and grub files then install.