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Update firmware for Insignia Flex 8" Tablet with 8GB


I post my message here hoping that someone can provide help to me.

Below is a message I sent to the Insignia customer support, but it seems like the  person is only dealing with customer service and not able to help me.

Below are all the email correspondences.

What I need is just a firmware or APK update file that does the job.

Thank you in advance.

Anthony Mak


I bought 2 of your Insignia Flex 8" Tablet with 8GB few years ago from one of the distributor/reseller in Philippines. One of them just out of order and I asked my Philippines friend to buy and bring back another 2 from Philippines and brought back to Singapore. Now I am doing the initial setup of the 2 new tablets. I remember previously when I first used your tablet, there is internal memory issue, instead of 8 GB, it only recognised 4 GB, and after when I do a firmware update through the OTA update link from the tablet, the problem resolved. I am doing the same thing now, but it prompt me that an exclamation mark and tell me that I have a update check failed. I know that the tablet is a discontinued product, but I like it so much that i don't even care whether it has warranty as long as it can be used. Could you please help me on this firmware update, where can I download the file or through any channel I can have my tablet firmware updated to resolve the memory issue? You can leave your contact through email so that I can contact you. Looking forward to receive your favouable reply. Thank you very much. Regards, Anthony Mak    


Dear Anthony,
Thank you for contacting Insignia Products. My name is Shane and I'll be happy to assist you with your set and provide you with a proper response.

At this point you are following the correct steps, but the tablets have a default message loaded that causes confusion. The message that you are getting does not word it correctly, but is essentially saying "No update available." At this point we are expecting a update to become available, but I do not have a timeframe for when that will happen. I apologize for the confusion caused by the incorrectly worded default message, but once a update is available the tablet will show a pop up message informing you of that.

 Thanks in advance.

Here's your case ID 200004717.

In the meantime, have a good day.




 Thank you for getting back to me.


As mentioned, unfortunately we do not provide updates as they are being provided by Android, unfortunately, the issue that you're having seems to be with a hardware's issue of the set.

I could suggest you by trying using a different SD card to check if it detects the same size.

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