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What is the power input used for on the HDMI to VGA Adaptor NS-PG95503?

What is the POWER micro-USB input used for on the HDMI to VGA Adaptor NS-PG95503?


Also, when I use the adapter with my Windows 10 laptop, the computer recognizes it as an additional monitor if the monitor is powered on, but when the monitor is powered off, Windows 10 adjusts my display settings showing the monitor using the adapter is not available. With most monitors, Windows 10 keeps the monitor in the settings if it is attached using the VGA, HDMI or other connections (even with other adapters) even if the monitor is powered down.


A similar thing happens when I have Windows 10 in Lock mode.


Every time a monitor is disconnected or connected I get a notification sound and, especially when the computer is in Lock mode,  it keeps connecting and disconnecting the monitor over and over again, sending that notification sound repeatedly.


My second question, which is related to the first question above, is: If I provide power to the adapter, will it keep Windows 10 from changing the display settings until the monitor is disconnected from the adapter? Or, are there additional advantages to using the POWER input?


A third related question is: What are the POWER input requirements? For example, will a standard phone charger with a micro-USB connector work for this?