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ns-p11w6100 and probably ns-p11w7100 faults

There are things that I feel constitute rudimentary or at the least minimal support for a product. Here goes my list.

1. What excuse is there for not having driver packages? They are closed binaries these should be available to download freely specially since MS Windows 10 breaks their functionality each time it is refreshed or has its build updated.

2. Proper touchpad drivers, even though in the end I managed with gestures and 3/2 finger taps not being able to configure the touch/clickpad becomes annoying. It's a fluke that gestures even work.

3. Proper testing and design, where in the world has there ever been a mobile device where the power button doesn't turn the screen off? To insignia's credit this seems to be a MS issue but the testing was still theirs(Insignia's) to do. MS latest Win10 build finally includes this.


I'm now kinda happy with the device but I feel it still leaves a lot to be desired since I had to jump through hoops just to get it working how I want/need it too.


For those struggling with the touchpad, don't bother with the "buttons" use the two finger click to get a rightclick and look up windows 10 gestures for the rest, some of which are very useful. If it hadn't been for the users who uploaded the driver packages for it it after windows 10 updated builds I would've been w/o sound. Seems like ghosting on the screen is an issue as well, Everytime I shut the device down I see the remants of my windows on the gray shutdown screen. I'm trying to get used to tablet mode but a desktop os just doesn't lend it self to it. Don't expect laptop performance and windows 10 makes for a crappy tablet experience hopefully the os gets better as it matures


There are things you can do, disable certain services (blackviper settings, just google it) and you can go to advanced system settings and set to performance and things should start feeling snapier. Learn gestures for the touchpad annoyances or set your scaling really high maybe invest in a stylus if you plan on using tablet mode.


Hopefully the 3rd gen of these tablet 2 in 1s gets a whole lot better. Seems like the chuwi gets a lot this tablets shortcomings right.