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A gift that was presented into my life.

Hello everyone,


I would like to thank the hard working folks at Insignia. I have a pair of insignia behind the neck headphone and without them I would not be able to fap. Not sure what model they are but here is a link to an ebay page with the same ones I have. I am not really sure where they came from I they have just been lying around my house for quite sometime. Anyways, after failing to lose my virginity last summer Smiley Mad I went crazy and gave away all my expensive Sennheiser headphones to my friends because I thought I was never going to fap nor play videogames again. Well a few months later that was not what happened. I needed a pair of headphones to fap to my incest porn. Lo and behold  Heartthose Insignia headphones were sitting right on my desk and allowed me to fap my heart away. Although they cannot be used for my xbox when I am screaming sweaty callouts on videogames they do work for fapping (I have to use the **bleep**ty mic that comes with the xbox). I just want to once again thank the folks at Insignia for somehow putting this gift into my life.


Thank you again,


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