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Re: NS-SB515

NS-SB515 and Ive had it for like 4 months

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Re: NS-SB515

Hello bdavis21,

Thank you for responding!

Were you able to check all of the wiring from the source to the sound bar? Make sure you have good connections at all points. The subwoofer connects wirelessly so try to move it closer and see if that improves the quality. Since you at least get some sound to the sound bar it is not a pairing issue. 


If you try these steps and you feel the sound bar is still not functioning as it should you can take the sound bar, subwoofer and receipt into Best Buy to the Geek Squad counter for warranty evaluation. This set has a 1 year manufacturer warranty. 

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Re: NS-SB515

My subwoofer won't get any sound and I have done all the trouble shooting steps given in the manual. It's connected with a solid blue light and it's not blown. But I think I mixed up the power cords with something else. Could that be the reason the sub isn't working?