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Plans for Insignia - Voice Smart Portable Bluetooth Speaker with the Google Assistant?



I just bought 4 units of the Insignia Voice Smart Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Google Asssistant and one unit of the smaller version.  Product line is here:


I bought these because my understanding is that the sound quality of these is better than the Google Home/mini.  I'm very happy with the sound quality.  My questions are:


1. I'd like to call using my Insignia Voice speaker.  Do you have a target date when this will be added?  Is it certain that it will be added?  I saw on the product website an Insignia staff member said yes in general.  Also, if there is some way that I can do this now let me know.


2. What are the general plans to roll future Google Assistant/Home updates into these speakers?  Given they don't have exactly all the functionality of the Google Home/Mini speakers I wanted to get a general idea (e.g., continually around 6 months after Google Home/Mini OR will only support Google Home/Mini updates for 1 year)


We installed the speakers around the house last night and have had a lot of fun with them playing music, controlling my TV via Chromecast, and using the broadcast command to talk to our kids upstairs.