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Bring Back The NS-HDTUNE


I need a HD radio tuner for my home stereo system, and I don't want no clock radio connected to my stereo system.   I need a component HD radio tuner that makes the stereo look better and sound better.      Also you should come out with a better FM and AM antenna that is designed for indoor use that pulls in all HD radio stations from all directions and has a very low noise preamplifier.        The NS-HDTUNE was a great add on component tuner for someone who cannot spend on very expensive high end tuner with a built in HD radio tuner.    This is a rough economy, and I feel that people need something to add to their existing home stereo system.   And that is me.   I was going get one of these tuners actually 2 of them,  1 for the bedroom and another one for the living room.     Also component tuners have better sound quality than these clock radio and small tiny portable radios that Insignia is making these days.   It's time to support the home and businss owner and renter with a decent component tuner for  their existing stereo system no matter how old or new it is.  


When you bring it back please make it be like the Narrator-Advanced with better reception quality.