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Choosing Apps

Ya know, after looking at the way Chumby does apps, it's really not very good.  It is confusing and the "search" feature is very poor.


Roku does Channels right.  You simply click on the channel button while watching the Roku on your TV and you can scroll through all the available apps - with a short explanation of what it is.  Easy.


That's much better than Chumby's poorly designed interface.


I would think that the Tivo folks who program your interface would want to work on the internet connectivity to increase the number of available apps that are either built in or are easily selectable. 



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Paucity of Apps

Got the 42" Insignia Connected TV.  I really like it but the available apps are, well, few. 

I also have a Roku, which has a whole bunch of great apps.


I particularly would like to see on the Insignia:


Amazon Internet Video

Hulu and/or Hulu Plus


News Apps


I would think that Insignia could look at the Roku channels to see what is potentially available and go from there. 


Thank you

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Re: Paucity of Apps

I was thinking about my own question.  There seems to be a disencentive for Best Buy to add more apps - and that is competition.  Best buy has its own movie app - cinemanow - and to add things like Amazon or Hulu Plue or any others would cut into their profit. 


But still, I am hopeful that Best Buy will come through and add more apps to better serve the customer.

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Re: Choosing Apps

Hello maharv,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

I appreciate your feedback and will pass your remarks on to our engineers and product development team.

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