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Flex Tablet

While the Flex is neat, I have to wonder a few things. First off, why Ice Cream Sandwich and not Jelly Bean? Secondly, when you hold the tablet with one hand, it feels slick. So I would suggest some minor ergonomic changes to the backing like contouring, a fold-up kick stand and non-slip surface. Finally, while the mini-SD card port is nice, a full sized SD slot would be better.Just my two cents worth.

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Re: Flex Tablet


       Thanks for your feedback.  You ask why Ice Cream Sandwich instead of Jelly Bean? The answer is simple.  At the time we started development Jelly Bean was not available to us.  We are looking at doing an upgrade so stay tuned.  The Micro-SD card slot is the most common in the industry and that is why we chose it.  As to your other suggestions, they will be considered for the next round of Insignia tablets.