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HD Radio clock radio.

I would like a good clock radio with HD radio capability.  And possibly a USB port for a thumb drive with some of my favorite tunes on it. Smiley Happy


I think the inclusion of Apple ports (although all the rage in most products today) are relatively useless since an iPhone in a charging cradle can be a clock radio all by itself... possibly with a set of speakers added.  Skip that, and spend the money on features that people other than the Apple fanboys want.


I am finding that the majority of HD radio items available are either low end or it is included as a feature on a $1000+ receiver.  How about a nice $100-$150 unit for home or office.


My ideal would be focused as a table top radio with a very good tuner and reasonable speakers that includes AM, FM and HD on both bands, with the clock functionality and USB port.  Treble/bass controls and/or some other tone settings/equalizer would be nice too.  Oh, and an ear phone jack so I can listen privately when others are in the office.


I have currently settled for the Insignia tabletop model, but it seems to have made many wrong compromises.  I don't need a hybrid portable/table top model.  If I want portable, I will buy portable.  I want a table top radio.