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How to better NS-HD02

Since, best buy no longer allows comments on the HD02 on the site, I am posting it here...


First, lock on to and only play HD broadcast, this model will toggle between analog and digital, suppose to be a 'feature', it is a more a nuisance, when you goto a preset hd station, it goes to the analog first then get digital, not good. Secondly, this has a 64 mm lcd screen, so why still stream/scrolling the text info, it should just show all the text, does not utilizes screen layout. Thirdly, I have one bad ear, it would be nice if you can balance the left/right channels as I see fit. And lastly, needs a seperate port to attach external antenna.


For some reason, when you set the backlight to 'always on', you can not click tge side button to turn off, why?


Hopefully, Insignia is read the post here.


PS, I use a Voltaic solar/battery pack to keep it charged during the day.