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Suggestion for Improving Insignia Dual-Tap Kegerator

I recently  purchased an  Insignia Dual-Tap Kegerator (NS-BK2TSS6)


Overall I am very happy with it.  However, the first glass of beer I drew each day was usually nothing but foam.  Subsiquent glasses drawn within an hour or so were normally fine.  It occured to me that the excessive head on the first glass of beer may be the result of insufficient insulation on the Draft Arm Assembly allowing the beer in this area to warm up to close to room temprature.


To test this theory I removed the the Draft Arm Assembly, pulled out the 1/4" foam insulation sleve and replaced it with a piece of 2-3/4" foam insulation cut from a water noodle that has a 1/2" hole in the middle, through which I threaded the tap hoses, thus increasing the amount of insulation from 1/4" to about 1".  I also packed addtional insulation around the fittings inside the top of the Draft Arm Assemply, and topped it off with an 1/4" disk of "noodle" foam in addtion to the 1/4" that was already there.


The modification completely solved the problem of the first glass of beer being all foam.


Botom Line: I recommend the current 1/4" of foam insulation used in the Draft Arm Assemble be replaced with (removable)  foam insulation that completely fills the Draft Arm Assembly