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Time to speak up about the NS-DA1G

The NS-DA1G was by far the best MP3 in existance.  I have used mine since the day it had came out and rescently gave it to my younger brother thinking I could just buy myself another.  Unfortunatly they have been "discontinued"! 

The NS-DA1G was Strong, had an amazing batery life, played anything I gave it, great build, easy to use, wouldn't break itself (as many companies do to get people to buy more, see the RCA Opal),  small, loud, and just plain amazing.


I have searched everywhere and can't find one for sale.  Why was the best MP3 in existance discontinued?

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Re: Time to speak up about the NS-DA1G

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Hello Happybobjr,

Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

We appreciate the accolades for our mp3 players!  I'll be sure to pass your remarks to our product developers.


Products are discontinued for any number of reasons.  I've read numerous positive comments on these players and, to be honest, I wish that we could have extended the lifetime of this category just for folks like you who enjoyed them so much.

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Re: Time to speak up about the NS-DA1G

I have an old ns-DA2G, and feel the same way about it!!  Great device!  I checked EBAY & found 2 DA1G s  1 refurbished and 1 used.  about $30.     No DA2gs at all.