Must-Have Gadgets for Back-to-School

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Must-Have Gadgets for Back-to-School
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Summer's coming to an end, and parents and students nation wide are gearing up to head back to school.  Of course, the necessities come first: your updated computer, an external hard drive for saving all those important documents, probably some new furnishings for the college crowd... the list goes on and on, which doesn't seem to leave much for the fun stuff, right?  Wrong!  Quality products don't have to break the bank, and here are just a few examples from our exclusive line of Insignia products:

No dorm room should go without an Insignia Advanced Series LCD TV, complete with an industry-leading two-year limited warranty.  At reasonable prices, these televisions leave you thirsting for more - so why not add an Insignia Blu-Ray player to the package!

Worried about being away from friends and family?  Don't be.  You can take them with you - well, not literally, but it will be the next best thing with the Insignia Digital Photo Frames.  Whether you select the keychain or the full-size 7" or 8" frame, you can also afford to keep them up to date on your adventures with the Insignia Digital Camera or 720p High-Definition Camcorder.

Make sure you can always hear your digital music and wake up on time for class with the Insignia AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio.  You can dock and charge your iPod, connect most other MP3 players through the audio-in option, or just listen to your favorite station.  If you like leaving your music and video on the computer, just grab an Insignia USB Soundbar.  Either way, you'll definitely be jammin'!

An additional piece of advice: don’t be afraid to consult with store sales teams to help find the product that best fits your specific needs.  Not everyone needs 6GB of RAM with a 500GB hard drive and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 graphics card, so don't spend extra for features that you might not use.  That way, you can splurge on services you may need like installation or extended service plans.  You don't have to be top of the class to see the value in that!
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