Insignia Flex Tablet

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Whether you’ve owned multiple tablets throughout the years or you’re just starting to explore the benefits of owning a tablet, the new Insignia Flex tablet is a solid option for anyone who is interested in speed, performance and the reliability that comes with Android’s operating system.  


It’s hard to beat summertime on the back patio – especially when it’s set to music and you don’t have to go inside to keep your favorite tunes coming.


One customer recently shared his innovative approach to converting his wired outdoor music to wireless. The genius? He McGyvered the whole thing with his existing technology, spending almost no money to do it. It was also incredibly easy.


How easy? Two steps:


1. He connected his laptop to a tuner in the house that was wired to Insignia® Simulated Rock outdoor speakers on the back patio, and he used the Spotify music service on the laptop.

• Connection: “video out” on laptop to headphones jack on tuner.


2. He purchased the Spotify remoteless app ($2.99) on his smartphone.

• This app lets you control Spotify from your smartphone via a wireless Internet connection.


Voila! That’s it. This customer now has complete wireless control over his outdoor music. By following the two steps above, so can you.


Check out this quick video from the star himself:

Insignia Announces “Talking” HD Radio, The Narrator

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Insignia announced last week the pre-order availability of its first “talking” HD Radio product, The Narrator.


As Best Buy’s private label, Insignia is doing its part to combat eWaste. 


Insignia Captures March Madness Action on Stunning HDTVs

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March Madness is underway – does your living room have the “it” factor for entertaining and catching the games? 


This spring is all about refreshing the technology in your life.


The Rocketboost Control App lets you direct your audio from your PC or other Rocketboost-enabled audio source to any Rocketboost-enabled receiving device, including the Rocketfish Wireless Bookshelf Speakers and the Insignia Soundbar.



Insignia and Rocketfish Bring You 12 Days of Christmas Gadgets!

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Insignia and Rocketfish are decking the halls with all of your favorite consumer electronics gifts – from connected entertainment to tablet and gaming accessories. We’ve been busy all year creating products that meet your needs at an affordable price. Now, we want to share our 12 days of Christmas list that is sure to have something for everyone in the family.


At Insignia, we understand the importance of environmental sustainability and are committed to helping our customers live more eco-friendly lives.


Insignia Makes a Mark with the Insignia Connected TV

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We sat down with Scott Jacobi, senior product manager for the Connected TV, to get the download on how the team created the Connected TV and some of its top features.


Just Who Do We Think We Are?

by Insignia Blog Author on ‎06-01-2011 01:08 PM

Best Buy makes Insignia products, carrying these products from the ideation period to the point of sale. We’ve been doing it since 2003...


Today’s blog was written by Seth Owusu of Entire Village Computers Organization (  In it, he reflects on his recent journey to Ghana for the Peace and Education Project. 


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