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Can't get my TV to sync with my dish remote


                                  Model #NS - 32D220NA16



     I have this Insignia Model; and I just recently went back to Dish Network.  We have 2 TV's - TV 1 & TV 2 - the Remote we need to work is TV 2.  I have tried everything.  The  remote was programmed to my receiver; and according to Dish both remotes are just fine. This was until I tried to operate the remote marked TV 2.  Then the nightmare began - according to Dish Tech support is that my TV needs to be on a certain channel in order for the remote to "grab on to" so that the remote will kick in.  The other TV "No. 1" is  set up to channel "3" and the remote works fine. The remote for the 2nd TV was agin as I said was programmed to the receiver; and was ready to go.

     Now after several calls to Tech Support for both Dish and Insignia; I have about had it. They told me that I had to "add channels": -

           They are the following: - 60 (my TV should be what my TV should be set on. - then she gave me some more codes: - 22, 73, and finally 116.  She also said I should enter these numbers as - 60.0, 22.0, 73.0, and finally 116.0.  But again nothing is  working. We have been doing constantly channel scans.I used to have Analog stations; and also have an XBox 360 (but we have a spliter hooked  up to keep the XBox separate from the TV.  

     Again, I have tried everything; even ne of your techs told me that my TV was defecctive, and I had to bring it back to Best Buy, but I do not have a car, and my husband reently passee away (11/9/15), and he was pretty much the eletronics person when it came to hooking  up things.  T know  somewhat, but, then I have to ask for help. 

     Please I really need help; my daughter is hadicapped, and does not get out much, so having satelite is her only outlet to the outside.

     I am besides myself. PLEASE HELP, ASAP!!



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Re: Can't get my TV to sync with my dish remote

Hello Nightwish16,

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Is the Insignia TV the TV for TV2? Meaning the Insignia is in a differnt room than the box and connects with a screw on coaxial cable?


If so, I do have some troubleshooting to try. Double check the connection on the back of the TV to make sure it is secure. Unplug the power to the TV and Dish box for at least a minute. This will let them both reboot. Once everything is on, go into the TV menu to the channel menu. The first option in the channel menu is the auto channel search. After you select the auto search it will ask what type of search, select antenna. Give this a few minutes to scan, once its finished the TV should have found the Dish channel. 

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Re: Can't get my TV to sync with my dish remote

We have a new problem. Seems the problem is the Dish remote. Seems like the 6.4 remote was not compatible with the Insignia. I actually had the Dish remote to have the Insignia tv turn on an off, change channels, and have the volume go up and down. This TV is in another room and to Dish the TV is considered "TV 2". So I bought another remote at Best Buy that's not a Dish remote I think it's a RCA but it's not a Dish and it's supposed to be a 6.2 and be compatible with the Insignia TV. I gave not been able to test it out because I had to go to work today after the Holiday. But I hope to try it out soon. I hope this will work. I have tried everything else. If it doesn't work I may cancel Dish and when we move to our new place I will be able to have someone come in and install everything I need to be done.
Thank you for your help.