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Insignia Smart TV 49" Poor internet connection.

I purchased my TV the end of Jan. 2017 with the extended 2 year geek squad warranty. I purchased online and it was shipped to me via UPS because I am so far away from a Best Buy. In Nov. of 2017 i started experiencing some minor connection issues while streaming on the roku. then in December it just got worse. So I called my internet provider to troubleshoot any possible issues with my wifi. that all checked out good. I then did a factory reset on my TV thinking that maybe an update caused some issues. I then unplugged my TV for a full day while at work and plugged back in when I got home and still poor connection issues. I then called Geek squad and went through the issues and what I had done. After some going back and forth it was determined that it is most likely the Wifi module in the TV. So the rep scheduled and in home repair (because the TV meets the requirements since it is over 43 inches.) So far so good my TV is going to be fixed. I checked my email later that day to find out that the appointment has been canceled. So I call back to find out that because I am over 80 miles from the nearest Best Buy that the call would be esculated to the Special Forces for repair. Ok great still getting my TV fixed. SO today I get a voicemail, ( the rep from AGI spoke so fast I could barely understand her) All I could really make out was the confirmation number. So I call back to verify what was going to happen. I am then told that because I am so far away and because I paid $250.00 (Yes great deal) for my TV that it is not cost effective for them to send someone out to repair my not even 1 year old TV. So what they will do is give me a 250.00 in store credit for me to replace my TV. So now what I get to do is load up my TV, drive 80 miles to Best Buy while taking a day off of work to go in an replace my TV WHILE paying additional money because a the SAME EXACT TV that I was fortunate enough to get for 250.00 is now 299.00 So that Additional warranty didn't get me much as far as I can see. All I want is for someone to fix my TV, I am not asking for something free or upgraded or fancy I just want what I paid for. My TV to be fixed in my home which is what I was buying. That additional piece of mind that is something goes wrong Best Buy has my back...well guess not.