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On/Standby button stays on for just few seconds - Receiver NS-STR514

I am trying to get my Insignia Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth (NS-STR514) to work with some Bose speakers and a Fluance record player-- they're all brand new, and I've never hooked things like this up before.  Everything seems to be connected per the instructions for each component, but when I press the On/Standby button on the receiver the light nearby turns red (as it should) for about 5 seconds, and then it goes off with a click.  There are times you can faintly hear the music through the speakers during those 5 seconds, but not always.  I feel that I am on the verge of getting everything to work properly (radio, and especially the record player), but maybe I am missing or forgot something in the setup rather than having a faulty piece of equipment.  Has anyone encountered this problem?