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BT900 wireless headphones frozen and unresponsive

my BT900 portable wireless headphones are frozen and unresponsive. the unit is stuck in the on position. I read the other thread that talks about pressing the volume buttons at the same time to reset... that doesn't work. I also saw another person with it stuck on pressing all three buttons (volume up, down, and power) and that still doesn't work.

Listen Insignia, this problem was first noted in 2010, here we are in 2018 and you're still producing the same crappy product with the same problems. That's 8 years of ignoring your customers!! **bleep**! How do you run a business making shoddy products that don't work and totally ignoring your customers??  I want my money back or a newer upgraded version of wireless headphones that won't fail on my constantly like this pair does. I'm so mad that it doesn't work, and even more so that you knew this was an issue and never attempted to correct it... instead just kept selling the same junk. I'm going to post my review to amazon so otheres no to stay away from this product. **bleep**... such garbage!

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Re: BT900 wireless headphones frozen and unresponsive

Hello isgoren,


Welcome to the Insignia Forum Community! It’s disappointing to hear that your wireless headphones may be unresponsive, and the troubleshooting listed here in our community hasn’t resolve the issues. I’d be happy to point you in the correct direction.


If you had purchased your headphones within the last year you’re welcome to bring them to your local Best Buy for further assistance under your warranty with us. Best Buy’s Geek Squad would be happy to see how they can assist you further. We appreciate your feedback, and thank you for taking the time out of your day to post to us.





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