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NS-HD01 Not tuning HD channels


I bought this product today and I cannot tune HD channels - I have read the owners manual and the forums to see if there is a fix for this but I could not find any. When I turn on the unit it goes directly into FM mode and will not change to HD mode when I tune in to an HD station. any ideas?

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NS-HD01 Will Not Receive HD

I bought the NS-HD01 solely so I could receive HD radio.  It seems to function right and receives Analog FM, but it won't receive ANY HD channels.  Never even goes to HD mode at all (no HD icon on the display).  There are many HD stations in Dallas, so I know they're there.  I just can't receive them.  Anyone know how to make this ting receive HD, not just FM?

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Re: NS-HD01 Will Not Receive HD

Hi spthomas,

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I have been doing some research and I would advise to do the following:


1- First I would strongly recommend you to "Reset" your HD radio by pushing softly the "Reset" button on the left of the HD radio just down the "Hold" button.


2- Turn ON the radio and press the "M" button to go into the menu of the HD radio.


3- Move down using the "Down" arrow just up the "M" button to move to the second option called "Seek Select" and press the "Enter" button.


4- Choose the "HD" seek mode and press "Enter" once more.


5- Start changing the stations not with the "Auto" seek button (>>|), but with the "Up" arrow to change them one by one.


I was checking the possible HD radios you can get in your area and you will be able to look at all the stations that are broadcasting in HD in a really cool website I found:


Please let me know if any of these worked for you,

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Re: NS-HD01 Not tuning HD channels

Where are you getting your information that a station is HD?  And where do you live?  Do you have a station or station(s) you're trying to get?

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Re: NS-HD01 Not tuning HD channels

There only a handful of FM stations broadcasting in HD.  Most stations cannot afford or cannot get licensing to broadcast in HD.  I only have up to 8 radio stations broadcasting in HD, also I heard from someone that you have to be within 25 miles of the HD radio station to come in.  Also you have to be out of the digital noise such as noisy power supplies can attenuate your HD radio signal.  HD radio is a developer mode and upgrade status and is not standard until 2015.     If you hear one of your favorite radio stations, call one of the broadcast engineers or program directors up, and ask them,  When are you going to broadcast in HD??    Also get this, one of the best country music stations here are not in HD, but 1 station that is broadcasting R&B music is playing classic country on HD-2.