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HomeKit Setup Code

This freezer is advertised as "HomeKit" compatable but does not give the code to scan or the 8 digit manual setup code to use in the Apple Home app.  What is the code for model NS-UZ21XWH7?  Thanks!

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Re: HomeKit Setup Code

Hello lindrelt,


Thank you so much for posting to the Insignia Community with your question about your new Insignia Freezer. Ensuring that your unit is properly synced, and all of it’s smart capabilities are enabled is important. I’d be happy to help you answer your question.


While reviewing the manual, and the corresponding materials it appears that this product isn’t HomeKit compatible.  Where did you notice this information being advertised? The unit does work with our Insignia CONNECT application which is available for download on Android & Apple devices. I look forward to your reply to look into that possible misinformation.





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