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Wifi Camera Issues

After todays update to the app, the Insignia Connect will not open on one phone, doesn't show any devices connected on another and won't let me add any, giving me an error about having to be added from the original iOS device (I don't have and never have used an iOS device with this camera or app), and shows device offline on a 3rd phone. I've restarted my network, my camera, and my phones, and still no go.

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Re: Wifi Camera Issues

Hello crymercy,


Thank you for sharing that you’re having some issues with the most recent Insignia Connect App update. I understand that can be frustrating when you have a few different devices that you like to control with it. I’d be happy to offer you some troubleshooting advice.


Have you attempted to delete the app then reinstall it across all the devices you have? Please note sometimes it may cause an issue if you’re logged into more than one device at time trying to control the devices. Can you please double check you’re logged out of all of the other phones prior to trying again?




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