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Can't connect to Alexa

I have tried everything. Uninstalling and installing the Insignia skill. Uninstalled and reinstalled the switch. And Alexa simply cannot find the switch.  Any advice?  I may just return the product. So far not happy. 

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Re: Can't connect to Alexa

Good Morning Dadto4xys,


Smart home automations are a lot of fun, and can really make your life so much easier. I’m sorry to hear that Insignia Skill you’re attempting to control with Alexa isn’t working as expected. I’d be happy to see how we might be of further assistance.


Can you please share what automation you’re trying to set up? I’d be happy to review it to see how we might be able to help you troubleshoot at this time.





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Re: Can't connect to Alexa

Please take a look at our trouble shooting guide for Voice Integration. You can find it here:


Let us know if you are still having trouble connecting.