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Firmware Update

I have 10 Insignia NS-CH1XIS8 switches in my home, being used with Apple HomeKit (Insignia App Ver. 3.3.0).  Some of the switches have Firmware SWITCH3.5.5a  and some have Firmware PT3.5.3.  How do I update the firmware for all switches to whatever is the newest?

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Re: Firmware Update

Good Morning SteveClark1000,


Welcome to the Insignia Forum Community! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to post to us with your question. Ensuring your SMART connected home items are up to date is important so they can continue to work as expected. I’d be happy to provide you some advice on this matter.


Resetting the switches should allow them to update. You can reset them by pressing the button below the switch. Please ensure that the button is pressed for 30 seconds to a minute until it clicks. You can also do a hard reset with the secondary reset button located below the cover on the bottom left corner. You will need a pin/paperclip to press it. Let us know if you have any further questions!





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