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I got the Insignia WiFi Spart Plug NS-SP1X7. I plugged it in and it blinks. I downloaded the app, clicked add a new device, selected my smart plug type, verified that the plug is still blinking, then hit continue. From here the plug makes a wifi network, and it kicks my phone off my home network and forces it to join the network that the plug makes. I then switch back to my home network and hit the retry button a hundred times until it allows me to connect again. When it does connect I hit continue and it is unable to detect any network from there. Under select Wi-Fi it says "No Wi-Fi networks available" I hit refresh a few times with no success. Please help.

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Re: Help

Good Morning seanbowers,


Thanks for joining our community for some troubleshooting help with getting your new SMART plug installed. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some issues as it’s typically pretty easy process.


Can you please try the following troubleshooting steps? It’s my hope that one of these will resolve your connecting issue. Please try to connect after each step.


-Reset the plug by pressing and holding the power button on the front for 30 seconds to a minute, the plug will make a clicking noise when it has reset.

-Log Out of the application, and log back in.  

-Uninstall & Re-install the Insignia CONNECT application

-Double check that your router configured at a 2.4 GHz band or the capability of dual bandwidth.

-Get close to your Plug to attempt to connect

-Ensure there is a strong Wi-Fi signal where the plug is being installed

-Is your router security setting set on WPA-PSK; changing the password sometimes works to get the plug installed

-Try a different power outlet

-Reset your router.


Please let me know if those troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the issue, and I’d be happy to see how I may be able to assist you further.





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