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24" 720P 60HZ LED TV - Computer Monitor

I am using the 24" 720P 60HZ LED TV (NC-24D310NA19) as my computer monitor, but the screen is cut off by a little bit. I tried going into the display settings and making sure it was using 720P but it still doesn't work. Are there recommended settings? 



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Re: 24" 720P 60HZ LED TV - Computer Monitor

Hello matthek,


Thanks for joining our community with your question regarding your Insignia 24” TV. I’d be happy to help point you in the correct direction.


Model NS-24D310NA19 is a TV, and it wasn’t manufactured with the intention of being used as a computer monitor. However, you may be able to change the aspect ratio as noted in the owner’s manual. You can do this in the TV’s Menu settings by selecting Picture>AdvancedSettings. This will bring you to an area where you can turn off Overscan, or try a different Aspect Ratio option. I hope one of those options will provide you a better picture.





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