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39” Roku turning on and off

My TV turns on and off after about half hour of it being on. It can happen about 4 times in 15 minutes so becomes very annoying. It’s brand new. I’ve chnaged remote batteries. The screen goes black, then the blue insignia/Roku screen comes right back on but can sit on that screen for over a minute sometimes.
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Re: 39” Roku turning on and off

Morning Sb1,


Welcome to our community! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to reach out to us for some assistance on this matter. It can certainly be frustrating if your TV is turning off.


Have you tried to power cycle your TV? You’re able to do this by unplugging your TV from power, and all the components for a few minutes. Can you please ensure that all your inputs are securely connected? It’s possible this issue could be sparked by your TV losing contact with the input. Please let me know if those troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, and I’d be happy to make a few more recommendations for you.





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