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42inch tv with green screen

i have model number NS-L42Q-10A 42" tv. last night worked fine. today on hdmi 1 input (from hd cable box) the screen is green on every channel but the audio works fine. also have a dvd player connected on hdmi 2 input and while on that input source, i can see the picture fine and the audio is good. already tried a new cable for the hdmi 1 connection, still a green screen. pleased help

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Re: 42inch tv with green screen

Hello beansdad,

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Please see our response on this issue here.  While for a different model TV, the troubleshooting provided should help.  Let us know your results!

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Re: 42inch tv with green screen

john thx for your response to the 42" green screen question. I googled Insignia Green Screen and saw your answer and fixed my new 50". It took unplugging both for 30 sec and my picture came back so thx