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Can't change input on remote...

Hi everyone, i just bought a 42in insignia 1080p 120Hz tv (NS-L42X-10A) and im ver pleased with it. I have it hooked up to a comcast DCH3200 motorolla hd box with the comcast remote with the red ok button. Ive scoured the internet and this site and the manual that came with the remote and cant seem to find any code that will change the input to this tv. i got it so i can do volume and on off and channels just not the input. Any ideas?
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Re: Can't change input on remote...

Hello mtl4life098,

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Most universal remotes will only allow for control of the most basic functions of a TV, like Volume and On/Off.  For more advanced features, the TV's original factory remote or a higher end universal remote control is required.

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Re: Can't change input on remote...



I have found the universal remote that came with this set to be better than the one that came with my HD/DVR box provided by my cable company.  I have programmed it to do all the functions of my cable box, so the cable box remote is high up on a shelf and never gets used--we don't need it.  The Insignia remote is much more ergonomic.  It controls the TV, cable box (including all the DVR functions), and our Blu-Ray player.


Look at the Documentation on this site for the NS-L42X-10A.  It probably shows a picture of your cable remote, and the code for it.


What I've done is to lock the channel functions to the cable box and lock the volume functions to the TV.  That way I don't have to switch between "TV" and "STB" (Set Top Box) on the Insignia remote just to change channels and/or adjust the volume.  Detailed instructions on how to do this are in the manual that came with this Insignia Advanced TV.