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Can you use the TV without the remote?

I lost the remote to my Insignia NS-27RTV and am trying to hook it up to other equipment.  All I need to do is be able to select the TV/AV input source so I can connect/see my equipment (and program another remote for the TV).  But, I cannot get to that Source Selection menu option just using the buttons on the TV.  Any ideas?

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Re: Can you use the TV without the remote?

Hello martinwilliamh,

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You should be able to access the on screen Menu by pressing both Volume buttons at the same time, then using them individually to navigate. If needed, a replacement Insignia remote control can be purchased here.


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Re: Can you use the TV without the remote?

Well that part helped. (I have the same problem) But then what do i do once I am in the menu? I can't find anything even resembling the input channels.


Also, what is the remote code for this tv for a comcast universal remote? all the codes on the help page are 5 digits and my remote needs a 4 digit code. I solution to either of these problems would suffice, a solution to both would make me ecstatic. lol