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Change Resolution on Regular Cable Television Channel(s)?

I recently bought a 26 inch, NS-26L450A11 HDTV for my apartment room and am wondering if there's a way to change the resolution for regular, cable TV?  I was able to get the resolution up to the full 1080p without trouble on my Xbox 360 by changing the resolution from the 360's picture menu settings.  But when I switch to the ATV channel for standard, cable television (connected by a coaxial cable if I'm not mistaken), it only displays at 480i (shows when I change from Component to ATV).  So I'm wondering how I can change the resolution to go higher (even to 720)?


I've tried going through the Picture and Channel options but have had no luck.  The display models at the store I bought it from were showing TV stations and were in (clearly) higher resolution/quality, so I'm confused as to why it'd be different for me.  Does it have to do with connecting via coaxial cable (need a different cable for higher resolution)?  If so, are there any cables that can offer top-quality picture which connect to regular, cable, coaxial outputs?  


Also, does my Insignia HDTV have a Game Mode option that can be turned on/off?  If so, how/where?  I also tried looking for that in the menus, and while the picture quality in the games is great, it does look a bit blurred/fuzzy on Forza Motorsport 3's environments when racing/driving (which I don't recall seeing quite as much when using a regular TV).  

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Re: Change Resolution on Regular Cable Television Channel(s)?

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Coaxial is the lowest resolution of all the methods by which you can connect cable to your TV.  Are you using a cable box?  If so, you may adjust the output settings on the box to a compatible higher resolution (720p, 1080p).  If you're not using a cable box, you may wish to consult your cable company for options.


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Re: Change Resolution on Regular Cable Television Channel(s)?

If you're using over the air antenna for your tv signal, then the coax connection is the best connection, directly from the antenna, to the tv. NO CONVERTER BOX NEEDED. If you're subscribing to basic digital cable, then most providers offer a few free HD channels, but you have to find the exact channel# from your cable company. You cannot change the resolution of an antenna or cable signal. You can only change HD resolutions on external equipment (cable box, satellite box, HD game systems, Blu-Ray, DVD up-convert, etc.), and while on an HD capable input (Component or HDMI).