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Channel auto scan problem

I have a NS-19e720a12 that is hooked up to an antenna. I went through the setup and when I run the channel auto scan for the antenna source it runs for about 2 minutes and says it has found 15 channels but does not complete the scan. The tv then shuts off on it's own, yes it shuts off, and comes back on. It has not saved any of the channels and tells me to "please run channel auto scan". I have run through this about 10 times. When I change the setting to "cable" before I scan it only saves 3 channels. What do I do?
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Re: Channel auto scan problem

Hello Corey1970,


I would suggest that you return the TV to the place of purchase along with the receipt to obtain warranty service. Also if you would provide me with the serial number from the TV I would appreciate it.


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Re: Channel auto scan problem