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Re: Combo tv/dvd ejects dvd

Not incredibly surprisingly John is no longer replying with anything but a templated answer about giving Best Buy some more money or buy a new replacement item. I've learned an important lesson that I'll be sure to share with others - Insignia is junk and the company makes absolutely no effort to satisfy its customers' very reasonable expectation of buying a unit that will work for any time beyond the initial warranty period. It's a share, but gee whiz John, thanks for telling me how to open my wallet to give you more money, I'm not sure that I could have figured that out on my own. Thank goodness Insignia, and we, have someone so very helpful.

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Re: Combo tv/dvd ejects dvd

These postings are quite dicouraging... we were hoping for good news.  At the risk of embarassing myself, my wife and I bought four ns-ltdvd26-09 a few years ago.  Two of the tv's dvd players stopped recognizing and were repaired under warranty.  Since then, three of the four stopped working and Best Buy says they can no longer be repaired.  Obviously, the DVD player in these tv's is seriously flawed.  I was hoping to find some home remedy that worked for someone else, but it's not looking good.  Any thoughts, short of time-traveling back to before we bought these?



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Re: Combo tv/dvd ejects dvd

i bought 2 of these... and after playing 1 or 2 dvds each, neither work any longer.  one does the 'eject' thing after trying to load like described here and the other will start to play the trailers, but then just goes to a black screen on every dvd i try...


agreed that these DVD players are SERIOUSLY FLAWED... i'll never buy another one.


on a more hopeful note, i called into insignia service and got a real person immediately!  they asked me for my S/N which i didn't have for them, then than gave me 2 things to try and asked that i call back after i had the S/N which seems reasonable.  the two things were to unplug the tv and hold the power button down for 45 seconds to reset it then plug it in, and to try one of those lens cleaners...  i'm going to try both and will update this post.... hopefully if it doesn't work, they'll repair it.  the guy on the phone said i could take it to my local best buy store for a replacement if it's within the 2 year warrenty.... we'll see...

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Re: Combo tv/dvd ejects dvd

i have the 26inch version of the TV...exact same issues as described in prior blogs.  Skyrun do you have a phone number for Insignia support?  Also, any updates on success with the unplugging procedure you listed?  Since you haven't reposted I'm thinking maybe you had success?? Didnt work for me. 

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Re: Combo tv/dvd ejects dvd


Welcome to Community@Insignia™!

You can find Insignia's contact information under the Support & Service link at the top of this page. However, as previously stated, I recommend obtaining service for this issue.

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