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Connecting MacBook Pro to TV

i am trying to connect my macbook pro to my insignia ns-ltdvd26-09 and have a dvi to hmdi cable which goes into hdmi1 on the back of my tv. the macbook pro does not send audio out the dvi output based on the info on the mac site so i am trying to connect an audio cable from the mac headphone jack to the input audio plugs. i have not gotten the audio to work at all but the hmdi video signal works great.


i have searched this site and found the solution to be a video/audio card issue but the mac cannot have a new card so i am stuck. anyone out there got this solved? thanks. 

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Re: Connecting MacBook Pro to TV

Hello ohiocitrix,

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The issue is that HDMI support Video and Audio, so the input is designed to get the audio on the same HDMI and no alternative audio input is available on the TV. If your computer does not support audio through HDMI, you will need to have the audio from the sound card sent to an external amplifier so you can have video and audio.


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