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How do I connect my laptop to my new LCD-42L780A12

Hi, I just purchased this tv and so far have been pleased with it. I'm trying to connect my sony laptop to it. Do I understand correctly that I need to connect it using the VGA port? So I connect the VGA on the laptop to the VGA port on the back of the TV? Also do I need to connect the pc audio between the 2 or will I be able to hear audio from the tv w/out connecting?


Once I do the connection, what do I do on the TV itself. Which input do I turn it to and what else do I need to do on the menu?


Thank you.

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Re: How do I connect my laptop to my new LCD-42L780A12

Hello shadesofgrey,

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You're exactly correct. Connect the VGA cable to your laptop and to your TV. Connect a 3.5mm audio cable also for sound. To view your computer desktop on your TV, press the INPUT button on your remote control and select VGA from the list. You can find more details in the TV User Manual. Remember, you may need to update your video card firmware and adjust the computer video card output settings to a compatible resolution. Let us know how it goes!

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